It’s an exciting time in the dairy feed industry to be able to provide high impact decision making technology that fits in your pocket.  What follows below are the farm proven methods for getting the most consistent production responses while using the SCiO device. With the flexibility of SCiO to produce multiple data points in
I’m excited to announce that Chr. Hansen, one of the leading bioscience companies in the world, have decided to equip their field teams and eventually their key business partners in North America, with our very own SCiOs. Read the press release here. Our mission is to empower people and organizations with a better understanding of
SCiO scanning soy
  Quality control and assessment is a vital part of the grain and oilseed production cycles. Environmental factors, processing treatments, and varietal differences are all factors the lead to large variations in product quality and profitability. SCiO – the world’s first and only pocket-sized NIR spectrometer – is radically changing the way farmers, traders and
Cargill Reveal
Hi everyone, it’s an exciting day here at Consumer Physics. The reason is that Cargill, the world’s largest agri-food company and the largest privately held company in America, launched Reveal®, a SCiO based precision agriculture service for dairy farms. Reveal lets dairy farmers analyze the nutritional contents of their herd’s feed. It currently analyzes dry
SCiO scanning sugar beet
I recently had the pleasure of attending the ASSBT biennial meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. It was an exciting event that brought together top professionals and executives to discuss the latest in sugar technology and operational excellence Between lecture sessions and hallway huddles I demonstrated SCiO’s capabilities of measuring sugar content in fresh beets, attracting a
Farm consultants have detailed information about their feed supply. They have the precise nutritional content of each food product in their inventory. Currently, consultants travel from farm to farm to discuss how to improve the health and productivity of each herd, and suggest the most appropriate animal feed. Farmers are in tune with their livestock,
This is a place where exciting things happen, so let’s put on our white coats and take a quick tour. We’ll start with a fun quiz. What do currency bills, apples, body fat, and animal feed all have in common? Give up? They are all materials that the lab at Consumer Physics is currently scanning
Quality control and assessment is a vital part of the soy production cycle. Environmental factors, processing treatments, and varietal differences in soybeans are all factors the lead to large variations in product quality and profitability. Maintaining and optimizing both quality and profitability is just one of the many challenges facing today’s soybean industry. Current chemical
Validating incoming materials is a major undertaking for any manufacturer or food processor. But despite all the effort, investment and ongoing attempts to identify faulty materials, practically all manufacturers continue to suffer from incoming material errors. It is virtually impossible to guarantee 100 percent quality and consistency of raw materials. Natural variations in quality, mistakes
Picture this, you’re checking food quality control parameters on the factory floor. In your hand is a wireless device the size of a Zippo. You press a button and a small beam of light scans the material in front of you. Within a matter of seconds detailed nutritional information appears on your smartphone. You move
Here’s a question for you! How would your working day improve if you could analyze the composition of your feed, forage and seed anytime, anyplace, anywhere, in real-time, with instant results? Our guess is, it would change not only your working day, but your whole working model! How can you do it? Meet SCiO, the
A funny thing happened to me at the market the other day. Drawn to a trendy new cheese boutique (you know the type, sawdust floor, great cheese and expensive prices), I tasted some highly recommended low fat cream cheese. Indeed, it really was delicious. Rich, full bodied, with exactly the right butter thick consistency and