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[HOD HASHARON, Israel, April 15, 2020] – Consumer Physics announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Israel Agrotech (IAT) for the distribution of SCiO in Latin America. This partnership seeks to make SCiO available for Brazilian and Latin American farmers, contributing to operational efficiencies and better decision making for local crop growers.

SCiO is the world’s only accurate pocket-size NIR spectrometer that analyzes grain and crop quality, in the field, in less than a minute. It saves time and money and provides immediate data to support decision making in real-time, without having to wait for lab results.

“Consumer Physics is excited to partner with IAT and expand the distribution of SCiO to Latin America, where agriculture is the backbone of the economy.” Said Guy Spira, Chief Revenue Officer at Consumer Physics. “We have seen SCiO make a significant impact on cost, yield and quality for businesses across the US, and are now excited to start making an impact in other parts of the world.”

“IAT demonstrates with this partnership its commitment to strongly contribute to agriculture efficiencies and consequently improve farmer profitability in Latin America,” says Jack Magid, founder and partner of IAT.

About Consumer Physics

Consumer Physics is the company that developed SCiO, the world’s first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer. Our mission is to empower the Agriculture and Food industries around the world with material analysis capabilities that provide real time data to support decisions impacting the way they grow crops and harvest them, handle quality control, monitor trends and performance, and more, through a powerful connected ecosystem. We believe that the days when only labs or skilled professionals used spectrometers are behind us.

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About Israel Agrotech

IAT Israel Agrotech is an agro-technology company directly linked to the leading entrepreneurs and innovators of agro-technology in Israel and around the world aiming to bring, create and develop innovative technology solutions for agribusiness

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