Dry Matter Analysis
in Seconds

Instant dry matter analysis

SCiO Cup is the world’s fastest lab-grade dry matter analyzer, combining portability, accuracy and ease of use.

It revolutionizes feed analysis by moving decision making out of the lab and into the field, by using Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS).

Some of the benefits include:

  • Plan optimal corn silage harvesting time
  • Ensure consistent dry matter in feed
  • Minimize leftovers, reduce costs

Fast and portable dry matter analysis


No more oven drying,
Koster testing, or
sending to the lab


Get results
within seconds,
with a click of a button


Experiments show that
SCiO is just as accurate, consistent
and repeatable as current testing
methods, with a click of a button


  • Measure Corn Chopped Green and Corn Silage, Legumes, Grass, Small Grains and Mixed silage.
  • Operates via mobile phone (iOS, Android)
  • Calibration is updated seamlessly and continuously in the cloud
  • A single cloud-based calibration supports an unlimited amount of units in the field
  • All scans are saved in your cloud account
  • Scan up to 2000 samples on one charge
  • Charging via USB cable (provided)
  • Rugged and shock resistant, designed for in-field applications
  • Offline mode enables scanning and getting results when back online
  • App connects to SCiO Cup via Bluetooth

Among our customers and partners

Quick results with a click of a button


Plan optimal corn silage
harvesting time

Ensure consistent dry
matter in feed, adjust
rations in real time

Reduce costs,
minimize leftovers

Adjust for rain
and snow events

Test daily and track
trends per pile/bunker

Love it during the 2020 harvest season or your money back