Ear Corn Analysis
in Seconds

In-field corn analysis, without shelling

SCiO is a hand-held analyzer for measuring the moisture content of corn on the cob, in the field, in seconds, without having to shell.

Seed producers, agronomists, and farmers can simply scan an ear of corn for fast, accurate analysis supporting moisture levels of 8%-80%.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Predict field yield
  • Harvest at the most accurate time
  • Minimize drydown resources

Love it during the 2020 harvest season or your money back!

Among our customers and partners


  • Supports moisture ranges from 8 to 80 percent.
  • Calibrated against the oven drying method — the gold standard for grain moisture testing
  • Displays current and historic results with the ability to add notes and share analysis results
  • Tracks location of each analysis performed by the operator
  • Built-in heat map from each plotted analysis allows for harvest planning
  • Analyzes weather forecasts to help predict ideal harvest dates
  • Identifies dry-down trends - multiple analysis of the same plot or field shows dry-down trends within the app

Love it during the 2020 harvest season or your money back!


Supports 8%-80%
moisture levels

Optimize growing processes -
e.g. pinpoint when to apply
pre-harvest desiccation

harvest timing

Maximize yields,
minimize drying costs 

Track data

Scan more to get an
accurate representation
of the field

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Love it during the 2020 harvest season or your money back